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Marilyn Monroe.

This enigmatic actress was arguably the Woman of the Twentieth Century, but her legendary charisma has flowed unabated into our new century, and will likely do so for many decades to come. The on-going clamor for anything relating to Marilyn continues to baffle the experts.

Her life and times captivated the whole world. Not just in the torrid ebbs and flows of her Hollywood, in which environs she struggled unhappily from childhood to survive emotional trauma, but into the lives of everyday people who sought escapism through her movies and their surreal glamour.

Marilyn Munroe Photos single portrait shot in colourThis troubled woman would know four different names by the time she was twenty, and be buffeted from pillar to post by the Hollywood moguls as she wallowed in all the adulation that her rising status would allow.

But, back in the summer of 1949, aged just twenty three, and with only a few small speaking-part movies to her credit, she was still starry eyed. Her amazingly dizzy rise to fame was yet to come. Marilyn was invited to attend a Pro-Celebrity baseball match at Wrigley Field in Chicago, in the company of baseball legends and other emerging Hollywood identities, including Jean Peters (later, Howard Hughes’ wife), Sonny Tufts, Roddy McDowall, Virginia O’Brien and Adele Jergens. This event was also known as The World Film Stars Baseball Game.

Captured on photo film taken for local promotion, are twelve surviving, recently-surfaced photos of high-definition that, to this day, have never been seen in public, nor have been published. At her glamorous best on The Field, and later, dining at the original, then-famous Ricketts’ Restaurant and Nightclub, she exuded the exquisite facial beauty that would continue to dazzle men and women alike for the next thirteen years, until her tragic death in 1962. Gone at thirty-six, but still revered as the Hollywood Goddess of all times.

Undoubtedly, these copyright-protected photos will be the last professional photos of Marilyn to be unearthed – still legally unpublished. The photo reproductions all come on quality photographic paper, matt finish for glass overlay, and are 390mm x 300mm in size (15” x 12”).

Shown here in original, but low-resolution, water-marked sample form, each Marilyn Monroe photo sells for $50 US. Price includes international postage. A bonus for six or more (one per order) will be a 250mm x 200mm cropped outtake in B&W, plus one digitally colored, of Marilyn’s radiant face (photo shown here and on the home page)- considered by observers to be one of the nicest, most natural expressions ever seen of her. Those acquiring the full 12-photo set will have included the colored close-up canvas, in matt finish, 500mm x 400mm (20” x 16”) for the bargain delivered price of $600 US. Please note that this outtake cropping represents only 4% of the original high-definition negative, and some graininess is apparent, but it is still magnificently beautiful, and never previously seen. Purchase of the colored canvas photo only can be made for $300 US. Purchase of a second set (all 12 B&W, plus colored canvas, plus a bonus colored version of photo #2) at the same time of ordering is $525 US. All will come rolled in a postal-shipping tube. The security water-mark will not be showing.

Make your own framed montages of beautiful Marilyn, in the bloom of her life, with this unique memorabilia from 1949. Once sales reach target levels, they will be withdrawn from offer.

About the Photographer. He was Mr. Arthur ("Art") Meyers (1919-2009), who lived most of his life in Chicago, but retired to Arkansas. A man of many talents, he was a freelance photographer at the time of Marilyn's Chicago visit, and was commissioned by one of the organizing committee to take these photos on The Field, and later at the Nightclub. With Marilyn and the others having only minor fame then, only a few photos were selected for local use. Art chose to leave the others unpublished. He was a very generous, unpretentious person, and devoted much of his life to helping others. As an accomplished ice skater, he trained many who became "The Ice Follies", also State and National champions. One went on to the Olympic Games. RIP, my friend.